Monday, February 18, 2008

Photo shoot for designer's book

We had some photo shoot these few days for designer's book which will be published this Fall. This book will have many photos of brilliant designer's products, and will be sold in the US, Europe and some of Asian countries. When this book published, we will definitely let you know.

Here are some photos for sneaky peek.

WOOFLINK's official model, Emma is wearing "WHERE MY DOGS AT???" all-in-one.

Wooflink Fashionista, Emma is wearing cowboy theme outfit, "COWBOY" shirt and "JOCKEY BOY" pants.

During the photo shot, she looked a bit tired, and fell asleep.... zzzz~~~~ Emma : "Early morning photo shoot is not for me :-( zzz~~~~

ZZZzzzz~~~~ So we had to wait until she takes enough rest...

After a while, she woke up, then we had Emma's favorite time of the day, "SNACK TIME"! YAY!

After having her favorite treats, she is back on, smiling as always :-) Now she is ready to go back to work!!

We finally finished our photo shoot for the designer's book. YAY!!!

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