Thursday, November 26, 2009


We just received cute photos from one of WOOFLINK MANIAS in Japan.

This lovely pooch is called, Kenne, and and her favorite outfits are WOOFLINK, of course!!

Look, how happy she looks on WOOFLINK outfits!! She is wearing THAT'S HOW I ROLL! top with FASHION BISCUIT leggings+skirts!

And changed to ROCKER POOCH!! Wearing ROCK DIVA! Have you noticed her face changed to "FIERCING" look?? ^^

And to a lovely girl! FAGABULOUS dress looks so FAB-U-LOUS on her!!

And to cute look, wearing MY LITTLE SUNSHINE all-in-one!

And her final SPORTY LOOK! Wearing CRAZY 4 WOOFLINK all-in-one! Now she is really ready for a walk!!
Now you know how she can change her different looks with WOOFLINK outfits! So why don't you try today?
Lots of hugs and kisses to Kenne, and thanks to her mom having tons of fashion sense!!

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