Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Do you guys want to know how I keep lovely hair bows like a new one?
Here is few tips from my experience.
As you guys may already know that mesh or chiffon can be easily ceased, and we don't want to wear ceased hair bows. Big No! No! 
Tip 1 > When you receive your lovely bows,  just try to give volume with fingers carefully if it’s flattened (this might happen during the shipments)
Tip 2 > DO NOT WASH!!!
You may ruin the bow and glue might fall off during washing. Just clean the spot if necessary.
Tip 3 > If mesh or chiffon bow was ceased, spray little amount of water and air dry.
Tip 4 > To clean threads on chiffon, use lighter to burn very carefully only with blue flame (this way you don’t leave black burns on fabric)
Tip 5 > If the clip was split from the bow, use glue gun or strong glue to attach. Sometimes this might happen as glue can be affected by temperature (Usually during winter time).
Okay, now you know everything about hair bows!
Stay pretty with your lovely bows! Muahhh~ ♥
from Emma xoxo

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