Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mesh dress care tips from Julie ~ ♥

Hi, Guys~
Julie wants to share some of her useful care tips for mesh dresses!
Just remember few things, and it will come in handy ;)
When we get our pretty mesh dresses, it will be probably flattened during long way from here to your closet just like left on the photo above.
What we want is a fluffy dress just like the right one, right?
That is just easy!!

Just shape up with your fingers carefully!
Do not use too much strength.
You can also spray little amount of water and shape up then air dry for better result.
See how it makes so different?
And one more thing!!
DO NOT ever iron mesh dresses.
After washing, just air dry or blow dry while shaping up.
Okay, now you have all the tips you need, go ahead work on your lovely dresses!!
Stay pretty!! ♥

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