Sunday, August 10, 2014


We just baked coconut chicken roll, and it's just so good!! Well, according to our babies :-P
Okay, are you ready to bake some yummy chicken?
♥ You will need ♥
Organic Chicken Breast (Sliced)
Cottage Cheese
Organic Brown Rice Flour
Shredded Organic Coconut (Not sweetened)
Chopped Parsley
Preheat oven at 220°C.
In 3 separated bowl, put organic brown rice flour, egg (lightly beaten) and coconut shred with chopped parsley.
Place sliced chicken breast, then add cottage cheese, carrot & celery, then roll it.
Slightly pat organic brown rice flour to the rolled chicken, then remove any excessive flour.
Now the chicken goes into slightly beaten egg wash.
Then dip in coconut shred evenly.
Place rolled chicken on a baking tray, and bake for 25 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked. It depends on your oven, and the size of the roll.
Watch carefully not to burn the surface.
Okay, they are all done. Cool them, and cut into slices to serve.
We served with cooked purple sweet potatoes.
Did our babies like them? Oh, absolutely! :)
* * * DO NOT over feed your pooches * * *
Check if your pooch is allergic to any of ingredients before introducing new food

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