Monday, August 25, 2014


We just baked yummy pumpkin cookies for Samuel to cheer him up :)
Anyone up for some pumpkin cookies?
♥ You will need ♥
Organic Brown Rice Flour 1C
Organic Oat Flour 3/4C
Organic Pumpkin Powder 1/4C
1 Egg
Chopped Pumpkin (Use food processor or if you don't have one, just chop them as small as possible so it can be cooked quickly)
Pure Honey 1 TBSP
Organic Coconut Oil 3 TBSP
Cinnamon 1TSP
Preheat your oven at 170°C.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl, then make a dough.
When it's ready, put it in a plastic bag, and store in freezer for 30 minutes.
Take out the chilled dough, then cut with your favorite cookie cutters.
Place them on a baking tray, then bake about 20 minutes or until it's cooked well.
Take them out of the oven, and cool them on baking tray.
Now it's time for snack time! Easy, isn't it?
*** If you don't have organic pumpkin powder, just use 1C of organic oat flour.
*** If you don't have organic oat flour, or Organic Brown Rice Flour, just use either one and make it 2C. We mixed organic brown rice flour and oat flour, because we think it's little stickier when we only use organic brown rice flour.
If you have leftover, put them in airtight container and refrigerate them. Try to consume within few days.
* * * DO NOT over feed your pooches * * *
Check if your pooch is allergic to any of ingredients before introducing new food

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