Saturday, January 31, 2009


This lovely all-in-one is the one now everyone is talking about!

LUXX POOCH was a big hit even before the launching. And most of stores sold out within few days after launching.

Now our retailers have re-stocked this famous LUXX POOCH all-in-one, and you can check with our retailers near you.

Luxurious LUXX POOCH is very comfortable indeed.

Stylish neck line with ribbon is a definitely rare style! Big pink bow on the waist line and flocking printing on white dotted one-piece are very stylish!

The leggings part is the everyone's favorite! Lovely ruffled laces all over the pants are definitely WOOFLINK's own style!

Perfect match with two new necklaces, LADYBUG and GOLD DIGGER.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello~ from Kagoshima, Japan

Hello to WOOFLINK manias in Kagoshima, Japan.

Now it's very easy for you to see WOOFLINK products in Kagoshima!

This lovely store is called Dog's partner LEE-LE, newrly carrying WOOFLINK lines.

Placed in LEE-LE building in Kagoshima, this multi-store has everything you need for your lovely pooches.

Grooming, Pet hotel, Pet snacks and of course, cool clothings like WOOFLINK! They even have cozy mini dog run!

They are very famous with their fabulous Poodle cut, so you want to visit this lovely store?

So here is the treasure map!

Sure your pooches will love this place!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This lovely hooded zipper jacket is called "VERY BERRY".

As the name says, strawberries are all over the jacket!

WOOFLINK's official model Emma is wearing VERY BERRY with CUTIE PIE skirt. Isn't she lovely?

As every WOOFLINK's products have lots of details, this sweet VERY BERRY jacket also has it all.

Luxurious so-soft pink faux fur trim on hood, strawberry applique with rhinestones, and cute strawberry all-over printing!

This cute jacket will make your pooch even more lovely!

Check out more details from our official website

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Looking for comfortable outfit, but still looking fabulous?

Then this is the perfect choice!

Very comfortable cotton all-in-one with strap top has every details that cool pooches love! Cool printings on top, and also layered look top with buttons are rare styles for pooches!
If your pooch like to be different, then try this comfy outfit. Just GET COMFY, BUT STILL STYLIN'!!