Monday, May 18, 2009

ModernDog Magazine Summer 2009

WOOFLINK's one of the coolest t-shirt was featured on ModernDog Magazine Summer issue.

ModernDog Magazine introduced PEACE IN MY HEART tank.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PamperedPuppy - Merryvaluation

Have you already read this month's article from PamperedPuppy?

Yes, WOOFLINK was featured once again. We are very lucky to get nice review by pet fashion expert Angie and also lovely Merry.

Merry tried 2 best selling items, LUXX POOCH all-in-one and I ROCK, IT'S SPORTS DAY! dress.

LUXX POOCH is the biggest hit since the ROCK'N ROLL BABY. Guess every WOOFLINK MANIAS has one by now. (^_^)

This lovely all-in-on has proven that all-in-one is the easiest way to show off fashion sense and, IT'S SO COMFY! You'd better try them, then you will understand.

Seems like Merry also loved how WOOFLINK's all-in-one fits her body shape.

The second outfit she tried was I ROCK, IT'S SPORTS DAY! dress. If your pooches are sporty, but still love to dress with all the bling blings, then this one is the perfect choice for them!

So, you want to read the full article about how Merry and Angie felt about these two lovely outfits?

Many thanks to Angie and Merry from PamperedPuppy for nice review.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lovely photo from PUP & Co

We just received a very cute photo from PUP & Co Boutique in the US.

This is BLISS, wearing YOUNG STAR all-in-one from the new collection. So adorable!!

We always think that all-in-one is the easiest way to show off fashion sense, and it's also very easy to wear. It's also comfortable!

So you haven't got any all-in-ones yet? Then you should try! You will just love more your cute pooches on all-in-ones!