Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We'd like to introduce new Winter/Spring collection, and we will show you all the details one by one.

Today's item is called "VENTURE POOCH", heavy weight fleece. Perfect choice for cold winter weather!

This cool jacket matches perfectly with any WOOFLINK pants or skirts. WOOFLINK's official model Emma is wearing WOOFLINK ROCKSTAR denim pants.

This cool zipper jacket has faux fur trim on hood, along with many details. Gold foil printing on hood, and black trims have gold threads. Also cute skull embroideryand printings!

You liked this jacket? Check out nearest retailers carrying WOOFLINK now!

Monday, December 15, 2008

WOOFLINK - Winter/Spring Collection

Wooflink's new Winter/Spring collection is coming soon.

New collection includes cool all-in-one, dress and necklaces!

We will add new items to our web very soon.

You can check with nearest retailers for details.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello~ from Finland

We just got a cool photo from one of Wooflink mania in Finland.

This cool pooch is called Yasmin, wearing the best selling item from 2008 A/W collection, NAUGHTY DOGGIE hoodie with fur.

Sadly this cool hoodie is out of stock, but you might want to check your nearest retailers as they still might have. So hurry!

This heavy weight hoodie is denifitely a perfect choice for cold winter weather, but also looking cool! Isn't she looking cool?

If you also want to be Wooflink mania in Finland, you can check nearest retail store from YAPPY FASHION.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pampered Puppy - Merryvaluation

Another very nice review from Pampered Puppy.

This month, Merry tried 3 outfits from WOOFLINK's new collection. Merry looks adorable on WOOFLINK outfits!!!


This is the first outfit Merry tried, "SWEET" t-shirt.

And the second, lovely Bubbly all-in-one, "POLKA DOT".

And this is the last outfit, "LIKE A BAD GIRL" dress, a bit sporty but still girly!

If you want to read full review, please visit PamperedPuppy!

Thank you, Merry! xoxo

Thursday, October 30, 2008

PupStyle product review

WOOFLINK "PUNK KID" was featured on the popular pet site PupStyle.

The review was written by famous pet fashion expert, Dara Foster.

This cool "PUNK KID" faux-leather vest is one of the best selling item from the collection.
If your pooch love punk look, this is the perfect choice for them.
Good match with girly dress to have punk princess look, and also good match with any pants for cool pooches.

Just drop by your nearest retailer to check out this cool jacket!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello~ from Kyoto, Japan

We just received lovely photos from Soran Berry (Kyoto, Japan) and wanted to share with all of Wooflink manias!

This cute pooch is called "Cocoro", one of Soran Berry's favorite customer. Now she is posing as Soran Berry's professional model. She posed for the camera wearing few Wooflink clothes, isn't she adorable???

Cocoro is wearing "LOVELY DAISY" dress, looking fabulous!!

Her second outfit is "SWEET" t-shirt with "FASHIONISTA" necklace.

Cocoro is wearing "YOU GO GIRL" dress, yeah, You go girl, Cocoro!

She is also wearing one of Wooflink's best selling item from the new collection "STARLICIOUS" dress. Cool looking dress with cute pouch on the waist looks very STARLICIOUS on her!!
Did you like the outfits and necklaces that Cocoro has? You are also willing to be Wooflink manias in Kyoto, Japan?
Then just drop by at Soran Berry, you can have a look at our cool new collection and their super nice staff will help you with choosing the best outfit for your pooches!
Thanks to Cocoro for her lovely photos, and keep on rocking the neighbourhood wearing WOOFLINK! Lots of hugs and kisses from Wooflink! xoxo

Monday, October 20, 2008

WOOFLINK in Russia

We just received a magazine from Russia. This magazine is specialized for Yorkies.

Yorkshire Terriers are the most popular breed in Russia. This magazine has lots of information about luxurious life for Yorkies.

Wooflink brand was also in the magazine!


Wooflink is getting more popular in Russia! More Wooflink manias!!

More news from Russia... There was a fashion show called "York-Show 2008" in Moscow, Russia, and Wooflink was presented. YEAH!

We are waiting for photos from the show, as soon as we receive them, we will definitely share with all of you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


こんにちは! Wooflink Manias in Osaka, Japan!

Another good news to share with all of you.

From now on, Wooflink manias in Osaka do not have to worry about buying Wooflink collection. Luxury pet boutique DOG HOUSE PICO-NE has Wooflink collection in store now!


DOG HOSUE PICO-NE has very cozy and luxurious interior. And they have all the luxurious pet products, mostly high-end Japanese brands.

This is the store front, sure many of you in Osaka might have been to this store as this store is very famous!

For those who haven't got a chance to visit their store, here is the map to the lovely store. You can see new Wooflink collection at DOG HOUSE PICO-NE now, so hurry!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WOOFLINK Lilttle Devil T-shirt

WOOFLINK's one of all time best selling t-shirts, LITTLE DEVIL t-shirt was featured from Tibesti as one of Best Dog Shirts. Sadly, wasn't in the top 5, but still got to be best of the rest. (T_T;)

This review was written by well-know pet fashion expert Dara Foster from PupStyle (http://www.pupstyle.com/).

Sure most of Wooflink Manias has this cool little devil tank in your closet already, sadly this cool t-shirt is already out of stock and discontinued.

But we still have many of cool clothes from new collection, so please visit our official website, http://www.wooflink.com/.

Friday, October 10, 2008

WOOFLINK now in Kyoto, Japan

こんにちは!! Wooflink Manias in Japan!

Good news for Wooflink manias in Kyoto, Japan.

We know that some of Wooflink manias might had difficulties buying Wooflink products in Kyoto. But don't worry!

Soran Berry has Wooflink collection in store now.

This lovely high end boutique & salon has yummy food for you and your pooch, too! So why don't you drop by, and see what they have!

This is the lovely store!

Here is the map for the treasure shop! So hurry!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dibevo trade show in the Netherlands

WOOFLINK will be presented at Dibevo trade show in the Netherlands. If you'd like to see our new A/W collection, you might want to come and see!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

WOOFLINK Fashionista in the Netherlands

Some of you might recognize this cool guy, Zorro.

He is one of our favorite pooch buddy. Zorro is already wearing WOOFLINK's new A/W collection to show off his fashion sense!

Zorro is wearing "WOOFLINKISH" zipper hoodie.

Cool design and heavy weight cotton fabrics are good for cool autumn weather.

Zorro's second choice is "ADVENTURE" all-in-one.
Very cute design with ornaments on pants will definitely make him outstanding among other pooches in the park.