Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chic Bag 2 New Color - MATT BLACK ♥

With all your love, this popular CHIC BAG 2  in three colors (Baby Pink, Taupe & Glossy Black) are all SOLD OUT now even though we have added new lot not long ago.
Thank you guys!! ♥
As so many of you asked for more of CHIC BAG 2, we just added new color ♥  MATT BLACK
Very chic!!! You will definitely love this one too :) 
Julie is waiting for going out in her new Chic Bag 2 ♥
All three colors gone, Glossy Black, Baby Pink & Taupe.
We are adding one more lot of Taupe as so many of you are still asking for it, but please hurry if you need this as we know this one just runs out too fast. Phew~ :)
Enjoy your weekend ~ ♥  Muahhhh~ ♥


  1. We can't wait to see the newest bags you guys are going to come up with :)

    Bad for my wallet, but sooo comfortable for Belle to sit in :)<3

  2. @PrincessMara Teehee~! Stay tuned! <3