Tuesday, March 4, 2008

WOOFLINK fashionistas from the Netherlands

More photos from Wooflink fashionistas in the Netherlands... Of course, we have photos of Wooflink's best friend "Zorro" :-)

Zorro went to the final of Purina Benefuls next dog model.

and guess what?

He was the one got lots of attention from people, wearing "GLAMOUR POOCH" hood t-shirt. He even got a chance to take a photo with dutch celeberity, Ellemieke Vermolen. WOW~~~

Hmmmm... looks like Zorro is thinking about the best pose for the photo shot. LOL!
He's wearing "MY FAVORITE" washed denim jacket.

Zorro is wearing "CHIC CHICK" jacket. He is just so~~ cute!

Zorro in "GOLDEN SKULL" t-shirt.


To be honest, we haven't seen a cat wearing WOOFLINK until now, and this one was the first photo. This is very special photo to us. :-)

This kitty is Teddy, wearing "BORN WITH STYLE" t-shirt.

Sadly, we don't know his or her name yet, just received from customer. But sure this cutie is one of Wooflink manias in the Netherlands. This "WOOFLINK TRACKSUIT" is now out of stock.. but we have lots of cute all-in-ones in the collection. Come and see! www.wooflink.com

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