Friday, March 14, 2008

Announcement to Wooflink manias

Very feel guilty that we haven't updated our blog for a while. Everyone at Wooflink have been very busy with new product development and yes, we know, it's just an excuse... :-(

We are all very excited to show everyone our new products very soon, and surprise with brilliant items as promised on New Year!

The last collection had very good responses from everyone, and everyone is expecting us to bring better products each season. We are trying very hard to make each item unique and stylish, so that every hip doggies can have "ROCKING" experience!

To meet everyone's high expectation, everyone at Wooflink has been wearing the "THINKING CAP" since Day 1. Hmmm, it feels a bit itchy and heavy, but to make everyone happy, it's nothing. Bwah, hah, haha!

Ok, until then, keep on ROCKING your neighbourhood with your hip attitude and cool Wooflink clothes! Woof! Woof!

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