Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cuties from Japan

More photos of Wooflink Manias from Japan.

"MY ALIEN FRIEND" washed denim pants is always good match with any t-shirts, hoodies or jackets.

Check out details of cute "JOCKEY BOY" yellow mud pants from our website.

Everyone's favorite "LITTLE DEVIL" tank top.

So cute on "MY ALIEN FRIEND"!!!

You like detailed unique design? This "ARTIST'S PROOF" t-shirt is the perfect choice for you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Woof! Woof! from Japan

These cuties are Japanese Woofink Manias!

Hmmm.... She is struggling to choose her next outfit! Too many cute dresses from Wooflink!!

She decided to stay with "I NEED TO LOOK CUTE" dress, salmon & turquoise dress is a great choice for spring!

"HIP GIRL" dress on Hip girl! And "PUNK FUNK" cool hood jacket & "NOTORIOUS" denim pants! They are ready to ROCK the neighbourhood for sure.

One of Wooflink's best selling item, "STOP CHASING ME" dress. Always cute on every pooches!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

News from Japan

Wooflink was featured on "PEIKU" magazine in Japan.
The magazine introduced 3 items from Wooflink, "My Alien Friend" washed denim pants, "Vintage" dress and "Wooflink Boy" all-in-one.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Announcement to Wooflink manias

Very feel guilty that we haven't updated our blog for a while. Everyone at Wooflink have been very busy with new product development and yes, we know, it's just an excuse... :-(

We are all very excited to show everyone our new products very soon, and surprise with brilliant items as promised on New Year!

The last collection had very good responses from everyone, and everyone is expecting us to bring better products each season. We are trying very hard to make each item unique and stylish, so that every hip doggies can have "ROCKING" experience!

To meet everyone's high expectation, everyone at Wooflink has been wearing the "THINKING CAP" since Day 1. Hmmm, it feels a bit itchy and heavy, but to make everyone happy, it's nothing. Bwah, hah, haha!

Ok, until then, keep on ROCKING your neighbourhood with your hip attitude and cool Wooflink clothes! Woof! Woof!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

WOOFLINK fashionistas from the Netherlands

More photos from Wooflink fashionistas in the Netherlands... Of course, we have photos of Wooflink's best friend "Zorro" :-)

Zorro went to the final of Purina Benefuls next dog model.

and guess what?

He was the one got lots of attention from people, wearing "GLAMOUR POOCH" hood t-shirt. He even got a chance to take a photo with dutch celeberity, Ellemieke Vermolen. WOW~~~

Hmmmm... looks like Zorro is thinking about the best pose for the photo shot. LOL!
He's wearing "MY FAVORITE" washed denim jacket.

Zorro is wearing "CHIC CHICK" jacket. He is just so~~ cute!

Zorro in "GOLDEN SKULL" t-shirt.


To be honest, we haven't seen a cat wearing WOOFLINK until now, and this one was the first photo. This is very special photo to us. :-)

This kitty is Teddy, wearing "BORN WITH STYLE" t-shirt.

Sadly, we don't know his or her name yet, just received from customer. But sure this cutie is one of Wooflink manias in the Netherlands. This "WOOFLINK TRACKSUIT" is now out of stock.. but we have lots of cute all-in-ones in the collection. Come and see!

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Merryvaluation - PamperedPuppy

This time, Merry from PamperedPuppy reviewed WOOFLINK hip hoodies, "PUNK FUNK" and "HIP HOP PUPPY". You can see Merry's nice review on these two hoodies on PamperedPuppy website.

Merry says about these cool hoodies --- "But I digress, and I really shouldn't: because this is very possibly the coolest and most gorgeously made hoodie we've ever reviewed, ever, in our nearly six years of being online. "

Thanks, Merry! Lots of hugs and kisses from WOOFLINK xoxo