Wednesday, October 15, 2008


こんにちは! Wooflink Manias in Osaka, Japan!

Another good news to share with all of you.

From now on, Wooflink manias in Osaka do not have to worry about buying Wooflink collection. Luxury pet boutique DOG HOUSE PICO-NE has Wooflink collection in store now!

DOG HOSUE PICO-NE has very cozy and luxurious interior. And they have all the luxurious pet products, mostly high-end Japanese brands.

This is the store front, sure many of you in Osaka might have been to this store as this store is very famous!

For those who haven't got a chance to visit their store, here is the map to the lovely store. You can see new Wooflink collection at DOG HOUSE PICO-NE now, so hurry!

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