Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello~ from Kyoto, Japan

We just received lovely photos from Soran Berry (Kyoto, Japan) and wanted to share with all of Wooflink manias!

This cute pooch is called "Cocoro", one of Soran Berry's favorite customer. Now she is posing as Soran Berry's professional model. She posed for the camera wearing few Wooflink clothes, isn't she adorable???

Cocoro is wearing "LOVELY DAISY" dress, looking fabulous!!

Her second outfit is "SWEET" t-shirt with "FASHIONISTA" necklace.

Cocoro is wearing "YOU GO GIRL" dress, yeah, You go girl, Cocoro!

She is also wearing one of Wooflink's best selling item from the new collection "STARLICIOUS" dress. Cool looking dress with cute pouch on the waist looks very STARLICIOUS on her!!
Did you like the outfits and necklaces that Cocoro has? You are also willing to be Wooflink manias in Kyoto, Japan?
Then just drop by at Soran Berry, you can have a look at our cool new collection and their super nice staff will help you with choosing the best outfit for your pooches!
Thanks to Cocoro for her lovely photos, and keep on rocking the neighbourhood wearing WOOFLINK! Lots of hugs and kisses from Wooflink! xoxo

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