Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It's very gloomy rainy day today....
But delivery package made us so happy! Delivery package always makes us sooooo happy! Especially when it's a big one! Teehee...
Our food dehydrator we bought last year already got broken, maybe we used too many times?? don't know... and we've been waiting this new dehydrator to come home with us!
Big enough for our big family! Yay!!
So looking forward to start making some natural treats for our babies again!
Girls are staying around the dehydrator and not leaving... like they know what is going on. :-P
Anyway, happy rainy day!! ♥
ALICE : I have no idea what this is... but I see big sis is not leaving, so I guess this is something we should be sit around.... I guess.....

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