Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ever since little girl Alice came to us, Samuel was so happy to finally have his playmate.
Yes, nicely saying "PLAYMATES", but they are doing all the naughty stuff together making us busy clean up after them. :-P
Running around in full speed, hiding under the furniture, and opening cookie bags....
Now our big boy Bruce & big sis Emma are busier than ever, teaching them house rules. :)
Lots of barking going on, and a bit more noisy than we used to be, but very much enjoy seeing all of them adapting each other and learning how to live as a FAMILY ♥
Just hoping all of them stay healthy more than anything!!
How lucky all of us are having lovely pooches around us, don't you agree?
SAMUEL : Ummm.... do I let her do this? or not??

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